Molex Launches Innovative Product


Our partners, Molex, have come out with several new and innovative products, first of which are The Keystone Jack Surface Mount Boxes which provide easy and organized installation for the work area where surface mount is the only option or the preferred work area outlet style.

Then, there is the MTP PRO solution, which is ideal for internal short optical links such as front panel/equipment connections, data center infrastructure and storage area networks.

The new DIN rail mountable DataGate Jack Adapter which can be mounted to a standard 35mm DIN rail and locked in place with a multi function clip, allowing it to mount on different types of DIN rail.

Lastly, Molex presents the 24F Universal Splice Tray with integrated Fiber Management, doubling the capacity of its predecessor by accommodating up to 24 optical fibers without requiring additional fiber management. Ideal for compact installations in wall boxes and enclosures, this innovation sets a new standard for efficiency and flexibility in fiber optic deployments.

Stay tuned for more updates on Molex's pioneering solutions driving the future of connectivity!

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