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Cable Trays & Trunking

Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine a building without cable support systems all over the world. In office and administrative premises an access to cable systems is regularly required for support/maintenance and modernization purposes. Every year new communication channels are developed and it is inexpedient to carry out construction works for laying additional cable systems. Currently there is a large selection of cable support systems equipped with a wide range of compatible accessories (fasteners, connectors, etc.), which allows for installation, perfectly repeating all the contours of buildings.

Typically, the classification of cable support systems is as follows:

  • Cable Trays & ladders
  • Fiber Management System
  • Plastic Cable Trunkings
  • Plastic Pipes

Metal Cable Trays & ladders are easy and convenient to install: they can be carried out under raised floors or attached to walls or ceilings. Here are some types of metal trays:

  • Non-perforated and perforated trays: rectangular profiles, designed for power and low-current wiring, providing both its installation and reliable protection. They are used both inside and outside buildings and facilities.
  • Mesh cable trays provide excellent ventilation, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of overheating of the cable route.
  • Ladder cable trays: the most powerful type of trays. It is the ladder-type trays that are best suited for mounting a large number of signal cables or routes, which have a particularly high cable load.

Fiber Management System is designed to protect and route fiber optic patch cords, manage cable assemblies to and from network cabinets, ODF and other devices.
Plastic optical cable tray is the best solution for optical raceway requirements and application with pleasant appearance and quite easy maintenance.

Two kinds of raw material of straight section for option:

  • ABS is environment friendly and high-class,
  • PVC offers an relatively cheaper version for tight budget projects.

Plastic Cable Trunkings

Plastic Cable Trunking is the most practical solution for laying various types of networks at any premises: offices, schools, medical institutions. Plastic boxes are mainly focused on office space equipment. In case cable networks pass along the walls, partitions or floors, then cable ducts with the possibility of organizing connection points directly in the channels will become the most effective solution.

Plastic Pipes

When installing any wiring in housing and civil engineering, the question often arises: how to protect the cable from damage and external influences and at the same time provide access to it in case of emergency. The plastic pipes that can withstand the required mechanical loads will be the best option for such cases. The occurrence of a fire during a short circuit is excluded. It provides also additional wiring protection against mechanical damage. A wide range allows you to solve the most complex installation problems. High degree of moisture and dust protection.


There are corrugated and smooth pipes, and depending on the need/task they can be used:

  • corrugated pipes: for laying power and low-current lines of a hidden type inside buildings and structures. Due to the flexibility of the pipe, cable laying is carried out with minimal labor and practically does not require additional accessories.
  • smooth pipes: for laying power and low-current open-type lines both inside buildings and structures, and in the open air. A wide range of accessories allows them to be used in any conditions.
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