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Vendors Efapel


To be a company of excellence in the field of the electrical solutions.

To create and produce the best options of mechanisms, cable trunkings and accessories for electrical installations, with the commitment to satisfy our Clients, Employees, Suppliers, Shareholders, Society and other Stakeholders ensuring value for the client, satisfying their needs and expectations... developing products and processes with efficiency and effectively, pursuing the elimination of all waste... developing the talent of our employees, ensuring their motivation and encouraging their creativity, and caring for their safety and health... ensuring safe and healthy workplaces and consultation and participation of employees in these matters continuously improving the environment performance and participating in the local and national development... order the sustained growth of EFAPEL.

Ethics Honesty and seriousness.
Strictness Fulfilment of the undertaken commitments with all the stakeholders.
Simplicity What is simple is great.
Dynamism Orientation for changes and learning.
Creativity Search for innovative solutions.

Client First.
Doing Right at the First Time.
The Supplier is a Partner in our Business.
To Continuously Improve the performance of the Organization.
To Comply with the Law and Other Applicable Requirements.
To Promote the Information and Training of our Employees and Others who are Working in the Name of EFAPEL.
To Protect the Environment.
To Prevent Professional Risks.

We are present in the electrical market for more than 40 years founded in 1978
We have a privileged location in the center of Portugal, in the region of Coimbra
We are a young working team of 400 workers, operating in 5 modern industrial production units, with a total surface area exceeding 26.000 m2
We are certified in accordance with.
NP EN ISO 9001 Standard - Quality Management System
NP EN ISO 14001 Standard - Environmental Management System
ISO 45001 Standard - Occupational Health and Safety Management System
We develop and manufacture quality products for low voltage electrical installations
Our goal is to offer our Customers a complete range of products that allows them to project and perform a complete electrical installation with EFAPEL products.